Splan Mobile Credentials & Unified Badging for Employees, Contractors and Visitors


SPLAN’s mobile credential solution that enables organizations to manage and issue digital identity credentials to their employees, customers, or visitors. The solution is designed to improve security, convenience, and efficiency in accessing physical and digital spaces.

With SPLAN, users can store and access their digital credentials on their smartphones, eliminating the need to carry multiple physical access cards or credentials / documents. These credentials can include things like employee IDs, access badges, driver's licenses, passports, or any other form of ID that is required for access the workplace or facilities.

The solution is designed to be user-friendly and easy to navigate, allowing users to quickly access their digital credentials to enter the facilities and check-in/out of workplaces.

Splan uses biometric authentication, such as fingerprint or facial recognition, to ensure that only the authorized user can access the stored credentials. The solution also includes additional security features, such as multi-factor authentication and remote deactivation of lost or stolen credentials, to prevent fraudulent use.

In addition to providing a convenient and secure way to manage digital credentials, Splan also offers integration with third-party services and platforms, such as identity verification services and government agencies. This ensures that the digital credentials stored in Splan are reliable and trustworthy.

Organizations can easily issue and manage digital credentials through the SPLAN platform, which allows them to track credential usage, revoke access when necessary, and update credentials as needed. The platform also enables organizations to integrate with their existing IT and Physical Access Control systems and workflows, reducing the need for manual processes and improving efficiency.

Splan also offers, flexibility in managing different types of credentials for different use cases. For example, an organization can issue different types of credentials for employees, visitors, or contractors, with varying levels of access and privileges.

Splan can be used in various industries, including healthcare, manufacturing, finance, transportation, and education. In finance, Splan can be used to securely store and access the facilities, access areas based on the access rights, and reducing the risk of security, fraud and theft.

In summary, SPLAN is a powerful mobile credential solution that can help organizations streamline their identity management processes, improve security, and provide a better user experience for their employees or customers.

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