Splan’s new partnership with Ident Solutions.

Splan now has the power of Ident Solutions’ instant background check technology, FedCheck, fully integrated into their visitor management system.

splan Visitor Management System

Fremont, CA May 20, 2020– Today, Splan announced a new partnership with Ident Solutions. This partnership brings together two powerful technologies into one seamless experience that creates safer environments for employees, helps protect IP, and the reputation of any business.

By integrating with FedCheck, Splan customers can now perform an instant background check on any visitor, contractor, or vendor, before they gain access to their building. In seconds, FedCheck scours the web, thousands of databases, and criminal records to give the end user a complete digital footprint on anyone. From sex offenders, terrorists’ lists, violent offenders, and even banned persons lists, FedCheck outlines the criminal activity that you care about in a clean, easy-to-read, format.

“This partnership is really exciting. We’re taking two powerhouse technologies and combining them into one easy experience for the customer. FedCheck is truly the first of its kind. The speed at which it can perform a comprehensive background check ranging from sex offenders to banned persons, and then have it delivered to the user in a clean and concise way, it’s truly incredible. We couldn’t ask for a better partner and technology to integrate with than Splan.” says Lance Clark, CEO at Ident Solutions.

“Splan has always been an industry leader in the visitor management space. As we continue to expand, we look for partners that can not only integrate smoothly with our user experience but enhance it. This partnership with Ident Solutions takes Splan to the next level by giving our customers the opportunity to expand their current platforms with the power of instant background checks on any visitor,“says Madhu Gourineni, CEO at Splan.

The benefits of this new partnership include:

  • A centralized visitor management system with actionable intelligence AI built into the platform.
  • The FedCheck technology is 100% customizable to the user, giving them only the information they care about, or need, to protect their people, IP, and reputation.
  • Uses fact-based data to help remove human bias.
  • Access to national and international watch-lists.
  • Security reports and dashboards for a comprehensive risk analysis.

About Ident Solutions: Ident Solutions was founded with one big idea, to make your world a more transparent place by disrupting the status quo. As technology pioneers, we provide clear, honest, and instant background checks that help businesses make quicker, safer, and more informed decisions. We do this through a combination of agile engineering, dataology, and innovative technology that has never existed before.

About Splan

Splan is a California-based company, specializing in providing next generation cloud software check-in solutions for Visitors, Events and Schools. Splan uniquely delivers an intelligent and fully automated solution for small to large enterprises. Splan is committed to delivering the most innovative security solutions, which are cost effective, easy to use, enterprise-centric and web-based. Our mobile kiosk solution will take care of all your secure check-in and personal tracking needs.

For more information, contact: Dan Sterry, VP Business Development, dan@splan.com