From Visitors to Employees and More: Organizing Mustering/ Emergency Evacuation with Visitor Management

In today's world, creating a safe and secure environment is a top priority for businesses, schools, and all types of facilities. A key component of this is having a reliable visitor management system. But beyond simply signing people in, one of the most important aspects is Mustering.

Mustering might sound complex, but it's simply the process of gathering everyone – employees, visitors, and contractors – in a designated safe area during an emergency. Imagine a fire alarm – mustering ensures everyone knows where to go and allows you to quickly verify everyone's accounted for.


Here's why mustering is so crucial:

  • Lives are on the line: During an emergency, seconds matter. Effective mustering ensures everyone is evacuated efficiently and allows first responders to focus on rescue efforts, not searching for missing individuals.
  • Legal implications can be severe: Failing to properly account for everyone on-site during an emergency can lead to legal repercussions. Mustering helps demonstrate clear documentation of who is present and your commitment to safety.
  • Reputation matters: News of a poorly managed emergency can severely damage your organization's image. Mustering shows a proactive approach to safety and fosters trust with your staff, visitors, and the community.

The Role of Splan Mustering during Emergencies:

We've established the critical role mustering plays in your emergency response plan. Now, let's explore how the Splan Visitor Management System (VMS) takes mustering from a basic concept to a powerful tool for ensuring safety and streamlining emergency response. Splan goes beyond the limitations of traditional sign-in sheets, offering a comprehensive suite of features designed to enhance security and make mustering a seamless process.

Here's how Splan Visitor Management Solution facilitates effective mustering:

  • Real-Time Visitor Tracking: Splan Visitor Management keeps tabs on all visitors in real-time. This means you have up-to-the-minute data on everyone present in the facility, critical during an emergency when every second counts.
  • Automated Mustering Reports: Splan takes the pressure off by automatically generating mustering reports. These reports list all signed-in individuals, their last known locations within the facility, and any relevant details that could be crucial for emergency responders.
  • Mobile Mustering: Emergencies can be unpredictable, and sometimes primary systems might be compromised. Splan VMS addresses this by offering mobile mustering capabilities. Safety officers can utilize handheld devices to account for people at the designated muster point.
  • Integration with Emergency Systems: Splan can integrate with other critical systems like fire alarms, emergency notification systems and access control systems. This integration streamlines the mustering process by triggering it automatically during an emergency. Automatic triggering eliminates the potential for human error in initiating the mustering procedures, saving valuable time in critical situations.
  • Notification and Alerts: Effective communication is paramount during emergencies. Splan VMS keeps everyone informed by sending notifications and alerts to visitors and staff. These alerts provide clear instructions and updates on the situation, helping to manage the situation effectively and reduce confusion.
  • Compliance and Reporting: Splan VMS goes beyond just facilitating mustering. The system provides comprehensive reporting features that help organizations maintain compliance with safety regulations. Detailed logs of all mustering activities can be readily accessed for audits. These reports not only ensure adherence to established protocols but also allow for identifying areas for improvement in your overall emergency response plan.


In conclusion, traditional mustering procedures can be significantly bolstered by technological advancements like Splan's Visitor Management System (VMS). Splan VMS offers more than just visitor check-in; it provides real-time tracking, automated reports, and a seamless link to emergency systems. This translates into enhanced safety and well-being for everyone in your facility, along with demonstrating a commitment to responsible practices. By implementing Splan VMS, you gain a powerful ally not just in visitor management, but in emergency preparedness and response. Don't wait – invest in a robust mustering system with Splan VMS today.