Tracking & Tracing COVID-19 Vaccination Status to Create a Safer Workplace

Highly populated states like California and New York are pushing to mandate coronavirus vaccinations or negative test results to attend large indoor gatherings amid a sharp rise in nationwide cases. As we move forward, we may see other states follow the trend of civilians proving that they are COVID-free before entering a facility or a ballroom for a trade show or large event that would normally be considered a big health risk. Also, workplaces pose a risk and can face the same vaccinations mandates in certain states. California, for example, will begin to require proof of vaccination or a negative coronavirus test to attend indoor gatherings of 1,000 or more people in the beginning of September. The negative coronavirus test must have been taken within 72 hours of the event’s start to be valid; this requirement includes individuals who cannot get the vaccine like people with allergies or children under 12. The state will continue to be strict with these rules for at least a few months from now and this could mean other states adopting a similar mandate. We are already seeing many workplaces across the country requiring that employees and visitors get tested or show proof of vaccination status before entering the building. Businesses have not been the same since the start of the pandemic and certain organizations don’t want to risk having an unvaccinated person in their office. One lobby ambassador cannot keep track of every single employee or visitor that walks through the entrance of a building. However, with the right technology and system in place to track COVID-19 vaccination and test status; getting back to the office safely might be feasible sooner than later.

The process is seamless with the Splan check-in solution at the workplace and includes the following:

Step 1. Check-in

In the office lobby, visitors can scan a QR code with their cell phone or they will be asked to enter a check-in code for self-check-in as well as having the choice of checking in from a kiosk. From here, a visitor can self-attest to the office’s COVID-19 policy and watch any training videos from their mobile phone.

Step 2. Questionnaire

Visitors that can attest they have been vaccinated can bypass the daily questionnaire; those that do not wish to be vaccinated are posed with COVID-19-related questions. If the system is alerted of an individual answering a question in an unfavorable way and the individual happen to present a risk, they will be flagged for further questioning. Badge access could even be disabled immediately if the person poses a big risk to the health of all other employees

Step 3. Temperature Check

After completing the questionnaire, one more safety precaution is taken to solidify health status. Visitors, employees, and contractors will have their temperature read using thermal cameras and elevated temperature flag can be recorded. Security will be notified for all the visitors, employees, and contractors with a temperature reading ​beyond a normal temperature.

Step 4. Post – Visit Follow-Up

Splan’s system then has the ability to automatically email the individuals that were flagged after a 7-day or 14-day period with a link to a survey. These visitors can either fill out the survey accordingly to their presence of symptoms or reply to Splan’s security email with an update on whether they are symptom-free after a 14-day mark from their date of visit.

If an organization were to hold an event in the office, Splan’s system could also help in securing the event at the time. The system would track how many visitors are attending in the moment and show error messages if there were visitors attempting to register for a time in which a maximum capacity has been reached of visitors registered for that time slot. Vaccination status and negative test result status in the workplace are streamlined with Splan’s process, minimizing the work that might fall on a lobby ambassador. Tracking and tracing contamination has never been easier than now with our range of solutions. Splan’s COVID-19 safety solutions are the future of getting back to business effectively.

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