Splan and SailPoint Unite to Offer True Security Convergence of Physical and Logical Identity Security

Fremont, California. November 04, 2023

Head of Sales Splan

Splan, a distinguished leader in Unified Badging Identity & Badging software solutions, is excited to announce a strategic partnership with SailPoint, a globally recognized industry leader in identity & access management. This dynamic collaboration is poised to usher in a new era in the realm of identity management and security convergence of physical and logical systems security. Madhu Gourineni, CEO of Splan, expressed his profound enthusiasm for this transformative integration, highlighting the manifold advantages it offers to their valued clientele to improve the security, compliance and overall digital experience.

SailPoint, a renowned industry leader in identity management & governance, enriches the employee onboarding process by adding a layer of security that ensures only authorized individuals gain access into physical buildings. This augmentation not only enhances safety but also simplifies the security flow. The integration significantly streamlines the verification process, offering a seamless experience by cross-referencing physical access card information with SailPoint's extensive identity database, making it easier to identify and validate employees, contractors and visitors.

The partnership's focus on workflow efficiency is of paramount importance, empowering identity provisioning, access management across logical and physical systems. Furthermore, the integration with SailPoint ensures compliance with relevant regulations, offering comprehensive reporting features essential for auditing purposes. The partnership brings an innovative edge to governance and compliance, addressing the multifaceted needs of various industries.

Madhu Gourineni, CEO of Splan Inc, passionately shared, "Our mission is to offer a unified solution that prioritizes safety while simplifying the overall identity management experience. This partnership with SailPoint aligns perfectly with our vision, which is to provide our customers with a sophisticated and secure physical identity and access management by synchronizing access control with logical identity."

The partnership between Splan and SailPoint represents a pivotal step in combining innovation and security within the domain of PIAM. Organizations can now rely on a cutting-edge solution that seamlessly integrates identity management into their check-in processes with respect to provisioning of access levels while enhancing both security and convenience.

For further information on this integration and how it can elevate your organization's security, please visit Splan's website, or contact a Splan representative.

About Splan:

Splan is a leading provider of full-featured Unified Identity & Badging, Visitor Management solutions designed to address customers' safety, security, compliance, and digital transformation needs. Splan's solutions are deployed in a variety of industries in over 60 countries and support more than 20 languages. With a focus on empowering customers to efficiently manage visitors, vendors, tenants, contractors, and deliveries, Splan's capabilities offer risk mitigation while improving the overall visitor, contractor, and employee experience.

About SailPoint:

SailPoint is a globally recognized leader in identity management, providing cutting-edge solutions to enhance security and access control across various industries. With a focus on facilitating efficient identity and access management, SailPoint's expertise contributes to creating a more secure and streamlined visitor management process.