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Manage visitor registrations and check-ins.
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Splan provides a secure, web based visitor management system for a variety of industries and companies of any size looking for easier visitor control, increased visitor security and simplified visitor badging. Our visitor management system is easy to deploy and requires no hardware or software installations.



Visitor Registration

Very impressive self-service visitor kiosk enables visitors to register and checkin upon arrival. Visitors can Scan driver’s license, passport or business card or an email generated code to look up for pre-approved badge to print or register as new visitor.

Kiosk for Check-In/Out

Elegant way to manage Check-in/out process for visitors, staff, vendors and improve overall Security. SPLAN validates check-in against Watch List / Sexual Offenders for denial of entry, or notifying the staff. Escort check-in can be made as mandatory for critical areas.

Emails/SMS Notifications

Provides an automated way of communication by sending sms/email notifications to visitors/ Employees for sign-in/out. Notifications also can be sent to selected persons or all people in case of emergency.

Reports and Dashboard

Out-of-box reports enables administrators to run the operations, to comply with state license, to maintain system of records, to optimize operations based on historical data. Adhoc Report designer will help you create and customize the reports you need.

Access Controls / CC TV

You can extend the integration with your physical access controls, CCTV to enhance safety and security across your facilities.


You can manage events and invite guests / visitors with pre-registration or onsite registration, check-in/out, send notifications to guests/host. Event coordinates love the Mobile App because it helps them manage any size of the events with smile.

Pre-Register your Visitors

Pre-register visitors through online web interface or mobile application. As soon as visitors are registered, system will trigger the workflow to complete the background checks/clearance against watch list or identity databases. Pre-print the badges before or as soon as visitor arrive at the lobby. Splan Visitor Management empowers the employees to manage the changes to the visitor information or schedules without calling the front desk or waiting in the line.


Sponsors get notified when visitor arrives and check-in.

When a visitor signs in, Splan immediately notify their host via email, SMS, phone call with their name, photo, and other details. Notifications are configurable to notify users with visitor pre-registrations, sign-in/out, escort signin, any exceptions.

Driver's License Scanning

For new visitor registration process is to quickly obtain visitor’s details using Driver's License or passport scanning capabilities. Inbuilt DL Scanner with self-service kiosk simplifies the visitor registration process. You can extend the integration with watch-list, 3rd party databsaes to validate the accuracy of driver’s license and background check verifications to increase the security at your offices.


Access Controls

Splan visitor allow customers to extend the integration with physical access control systems to issue the visitor badges that can be used to open the doors at the facilities. PACS integration provides extra layer of secruity for visitors to know who was in the building at any given period of time


Security Clearance and Watch-List

Many organizations faces challenges today to deal with high risk visitors not knowing their background checks when they arrive in the lobby. Splan Visitor Management integrations with 3rd party security clearance system, databases, watch list for visitor background check verifications are done before they arrive.


Reports & Dashboards

Visitor Analytics and Dashboards enable security administrators to manage visitors more efficiently. Many out of the box reports including pre-registered visitors, VIP list, Watch-List, previously visited visitors, visitor trending, escorted visitors, visitors by location, NDA signed etc .


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  • Standard

  • $129 /Per Lobby /Per Month

  •   Unlimited Visitor Registration
  •   Pre Registration
  •   Capture Photos
  •   Capture NDA
  •   Print Badges
  •   QR code Sign-In
  •   Kiosk Support*
  •   Reports & Dashboard
  •   Lobby Ambassador View
  •   Standard Support
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  • Premium

  • $249 /Per Lobby /Per Month

  •   Standard Features Included
  •   DL Scanning
  •   Form Customization
  •   Badge Template Designer
  •   Centralized Visitor Management
  •   Multi Language Support
  •   Event Management
  •   Watch/VIP List
  •   Integrates with your Guest Wifi
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  • Advanced

  • $399 /Per Lobby /Per Month

  •   Premium Features Included
  •   Access Control Integration*
  •   Employee Directory Integration
  •   Workflow Approval Process
  •   Secured online storage
  •   Background &Criminal Records Check*
  •   Asset Management
  •   Integration with External Reporting Software
  •   Premium Support
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One solution for managing Visitors, Events, School Check-In and Tracking.

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