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Splan School Software Simple and Smarter solution

Schools face many challenges in today’s ever-changing education environment, advancement in technology. Schools are committed to provide enhanced safety and security of students and staff by managing their check-in/out sheets and by adhering to State Licensing Authority needs.

Splan School solution helps you to maintain your student and staff’s Check-in and Check-out records electronically at an affordable cost. Splan School solution provides real-time email and SMS alerts to parents which can improve children security and safety concerns.



Student enrollment process has been redefined to cut down the cost and avoid the burden on parents and stuff. One of the easiest way to complete the student enrollment by parents and/or staff in simple 3 steps.

  1. Login to portal to enter student details
  2. Sign the agreements
  3. Provide documentation

Kiosk for Sign-In/Sign-Out

Elegant way to manage Sign-in/out process for students, staff, vendors, visitors and improve overall Security. SPLAN validates sign-in against Watch List / Sexual Offenders for denying entry, or notifying the staff. Help staff to check photos to confirm adult ID before releasing a student. Issue and Print temporary Visitor badges.

Prospective Parents and Visitors

One of the challenges for administrators are to maintain prospective parents and visitors. Splan provides an easy way to manage prospects and visitors right at the KIOSK when they walk-in, improve the communication with the SMS notifications, keep track of them for future reference.

Time and Attendance

Automates time and attendance for staff when they enter and exit. Also, the worked hours are posted to your payroll and accounting system like quickbooks to help you manage the payroll for the qualified hours they worked.

Emails/SMS Notifications

Provides an automated way of communication by sending sms/email notifications to parents / staff for sign-in/out. Notifications also can be sent to selected persons or all people in case of emergency or school events.

Visitors & Events

Simplified Visitor Registration, Visitor Badge printing, Tracking. Events Mobile App and Online portal allows staff to create new events, registrations, check-in/out, notifications and payments. Event coordinates love the app because it helps them manage any size of the events with smile.

Forms and Documents

Provides an online portal to maintain all the forms and documents in central repository in secured format. It’s easy to create, store, view and download as and when you need. Parents get notified incase of any important documents are missing for their child and they can upload from home/work.

Reports and Dashboard

System provides many reports out of box to help administrators to run the operations, to comply with state license, to maintain system of records, to optimize operations based on historical data. Adhoc Reports designer will help you create and customize the reports you need.

Access Controls / CC TV

You can extend standard kiosk to integrate with your door system systems / access controls, CCTV to enhance safety and security. You can also extend the integration with biometric, facial recognition systems.


Splan kiosk is designed to empower the end users to sign-in or sign-out using self service function. Kiosks are available in multiple formats and design (wall mount, floor stand, table top etc) to fit well into your front office. Some of the following methods are used to sign in / out and our team can discuss more with you about some of the advanced features to help modernize your front office experience.
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** Additional charges will be applied ** Sold in packages of 50, 100, 150, 200… students per month

  • Standard

  • $1 /Per Student

  •   Kiosk with iPad ***
  •   Students Sign In/Out
  •   Staff Sign In/Out -Time & Attendance
  •   Email Notification
  •   SMS Notification ***
  •   Online Enrollments for New Students
  •   Reports/Dashboards
  •   Messaging between Parents and Teachers
  •   Newsletter
  •   Support (24 X 5)
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  • Premium

  • $2 /Per Student

  •   Standard Features Included
  •   Documents & Repository
  •   Allergy & Immunization Records
  •   Multiple Locations/Centers
  •   Advanced online identity
  •   Billing & Payment Processing
  •   Autopay(ACH) ***
  •   Quickbooks integration***
  •   Prospective Parents Registration
  •   Visitors
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  • Advanced

  • Call Us for Pricing

  •   Premium Features Included
  •   Event Management
  •   Door Lock/Access Control ***
  •   School Website Design & Hosting ***
  •   Centralize Reporting
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Why Choose Us

Flexible & Modern Design

Easy to use, configurable, self-service KIOSK, Mobile Apps enable to customize for your business needs.

Cost Effective

Very affordable and cloud based subscription allows you to cut down the cost significantly.

Excellent Support

Highly talented, dedicated, passionate support engineers are commited to your success. 24/7 support, proactive monitoring and support gives you peace of mind.

Integrated Platform

One solution for managing Visitors, Events, School Check-In and Tracking.

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