Splan Enterprise Visitor Management: Seamlessly Integrating to External Systems for Enhanced Security

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In the evolving landscape of security and Enterprise Visitor Management, Splan takes the lead with its cutting-edge Enterprise Visitor Management Software. As businesses navigate the dynamic realm of security solutions, Splan stands out by seamlessly integrating with a diverse array of third-party systems. This innovative approach ensures that Splan's Enterprise Visitor Management Software not only meets but exceeds the unique needs of modern enterprises.

Revolutionizing Access Control Systems:

Splan's Enterprise Visitor Management Software ensures stringent control over physical access to critical infrastructure. With the ability to temporarily activate/deactivate badge access based on established policies, businesses gain unparalleled control and security. Some of the major access control systems associated with Splan include Lenel S2, Genetec, CCURE, Prowatch, Avigilon, Bosch, Siemens Sipass, etc.

Enhanced Connectivity with WiFi Systems:

In a world driven by connectivity, Splan seamlessly integrates with WiFi systems, streamlining visitor authentication. This integration with Aruba ClearPass, Cisco ISE, Cisco Meraki, etc. Not only enhances security but also ensures a secure and efficient onboarding process for visitors.

Modern Convenience with Mobile Credentials:

Embrace modern convenience with Splan's integration of mobile credentials provisioned by organizations like Blue Diamond, HID, Wavelynx, etc. This feature allows for a hassle-free and contactless entry experience for authorized personnel, contributing to a seamless and secure environment.

Prioritizing Safety with Healthcare Systems Integration:

Splan prioritizes safety by smoothly integrating with several healthcare systems like EPIC, HL7, Cerner and all kinds of Active Directories. This allows for the capture of visitor information, enabling real-time health screenings and ensuring a secure environment for everyone on-site.

Flexibility with Cloud Solutions:

Experience the flexibility of cloud-based solutions like Office 365, Microsoft Azure, Google, Okta, SAML 2.0 and Fed Check with Splan's Enterprise Visitor Management Software. Remote management and access to critical data from anywhere ensure operational efficiency, making it an ideal solution for modern businesses.

Emergency Preparedness with Notification Systems:

Splan enhances emergency preparedness through Everbridge and other Emergency Notification Systems with real-time monitoring capabilities and comprehensive mustering instructions. This feature ensures the safety of individuals on-site during critical situations.

Simplicity through easy connections with Other Systems:

Splan facilitates effortless system integration with its available API, allowing users to initiate calls for inward and outward communication. Additionally, Rest Services provide a streamlined platform for making calls, ensuring seamless connectivity with external applications.

In conclusion, Splan Enterprise Visitor Management goes beyond the ordinary, seamlessly integrating with a wide range of third-party systems. Some of the supported systems include leading PACS systems, mobile credential providers, healthcare systems, WiFi solutions, cloud platforms, and emergency notification systems.