Modernizing Visitor Management with Splan Mobile Credentialing

Visitor Management with Splan Mobile Credentialing

In today's fast-paced world, traditional visitor management systems are becoming obsolete. The advent of mobile credentialing has revolutionized the way organizations handle visitors, offering a seamless and secure alternative. This technology isn't limited to a single sector; it has wide-ranging benefits across various settings, including offices, schools, hospitals, and more. Check out how our Splan’s Mobile Credentialing helps various industries with their visitor management needs.

1. Offices - Streamlined and Secure Visitor Check-In

Let's begin with offices. Splan’s Mobile Credentialing allows hosts to send electronic invitations to their guests. These invitations contain digital credentials that can be easily downloaded to the visitor's smartphone. When the visitor arrives, all they need to do is present their mobile credential for entry. This eliminates the need for outdated paper visitor logs or physical badges, and it enhances both security and the visitor experience.

2. Educational Institutions - Enhanced Security

In educational settings, schools and universities have embraced Splan’s Mobile Credentialing. They can issue temporary mobile credentials to guest speakers, parents, contractors, and other visitors. These digital passes grant them access to the campus, specific buildings, or rooms. This not only ensures that visitors are properly tracked but also maintains a high level of security

3. Healthcare Facilities - Convenient and Controlled Access

The healthcare sector also benefits from Splan’s Mobile Credentialing. Hospitals and medical facilities use this technology to streamline visitor access. Patients' families and guests can receive digital credentials on their smartphones, allowing them to access specific areas while maintaining essential security measures. Healthcare staff can effectively monitor visitor movement and access.

4. Retail - Personalized Shopping Experiences

Retail establishments are incorporating Splan’s Mobile Credentialing as well. They provide QR codes or digital passes to guests for events, promotions, or exclusive sales. By doing this, they ensure that only authorized individuals can participate in special activities, creating a secure and personalized shopping experience.

5. Residential Communities - Secure and Convenient Access

Residential communities, including apartment buildings and gated neighbourhoods, find Splan’s Mobile Credentialing, invaluable. Hosts can send digital invitations to guests and contractors, granting them temporary access. This system improves security and provides residents with a more convenient and streamlined way to manage visitors.

6. Hospitality - Elevating Guest Experiences

The hospitality sector, particularly hotels, has enthusiastically adopted Splan’s Mobile Credentialing. Guests receive their room keys on their smartphones, allowing them to check in without waiting at the front desk. This convenient and secure process significantly enhances the overall guest experience.

In conclusion, Splan’s Mobile Credentialing is a game changer. It improves security, reduces administrative burdens, and provides a more convenient and professional experience for both hosts and guests. This technology is undeniably an essential tool for modern visitor management, ushering us into a more efficient, secure, and visitor-friendly era.

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