Meeting Room Booking

Affordable, Efficient and Faster room booking solution on Kiosk / SignInEasy Mobile App.

Splan Meeting Room Booking solution makes your day well-organized our solutions make it easier for you to schedule, manage the room booking efficient. Splan brings the real-time room booking status, so that you as a host can manage meetings efficiently.

Schedule Conference rooms on the go.

Your work efficiency is measured based on your ability to manage your day to day task and deliverables. Most of your tasks or work need to be discussed, planned and implemented with colleagues OR other stakeholders. Splan meeting room scheduler would help you to quickly plan, meet effortlessly. Our multi-platform application can be used on iOS, Android OR desktop applications, making it easier to book and meet quickly.



Splan Room Booking would notify attendees about booked meetings, provide reminders / alerts regarding upcoming / cancelled meetings. Splan provides notification options in Email / SMS / Push notifications. An alert can be sent to host for not occupying the room on time, before the room is released for booking for others.

Manage Meetings on Calendar

Splan offers seamless integration with calendar applications like Google Calendar, Exchange or Office 365, our room booking application can be integrated easily with your existing calendar systems. Our real-time conference room booking status will show the available / in-Progress / In-use, which can be used to switch over to the available rooms quickly for urgent OR unplanned gatherings.


More Features


Create meeting room bookings

Room booking system allows you to quickly browse all the available / in-Progress / In-use rooms and prompts you to selects the available meeting rook quickly. Meeting host can book, cancel and extend the meeting tenure, thus notifying the members in que about the status.

Integrate with access control systems

Room booking can be integrated with host of access control systems, and visitor management system, thus making system efficient to manage the visitors, meetings, and access at one place.

Search room for booking

Weather it’s one-one meetings, executive reviews, board meetings, client meetings. Splan meeting room can used to check the available meetings based on the attendee capacity with real-time status available for the user.


Check the booking schedule

Check the available slots along with the duration and the capacity against the room and book the room.